HF 2021 - Call for Papers


Q&A sessions:
- It's happening on Discord (https://discord.hackfest.ca), on the the channel #talks-conf-qna

Villages Location:
- They take place on Discord (https://discord.hackfest.ca), just like interaction, DJ and social!
- Some villages might have different registration pages - see https://hackfest.ca/en/villages/

Reminder for the schedule:
- Global schedule: https://hackfest.ca/en/schedule/
- Schedule of conferences / workshops: https://cfp.hackfest.ca/hf-2021-cfp/schedule/

- You have an attendee's guide made available to you at : URL TBA

- It essentially take place on Discord
- You can join at https://discord.hackfest.ca
- For any question or support, #helpdesk