Hackfest 2020

Behavior & Reputation based filtering reloaded
2020-11-20, 10:00–10:50, Hackfest - Track 1

Did you know that, every day across the Internet, each IP address is scanned hundreds of times? Or that more than 2,000 attacks are perpetrated, stealing 1.4 million personal records? That’s right, every single day! Today, there may be a way to rebalance the odds and protect our resources.

In 2020, our ways of living and working turned completely upside down in a matter of days. We all brought our companies home and our homes in our companies’ systems. Staying connected to our colleagues, friends and family became a critical necessity, which opened the door for hackers to cause disruption and we saw a huge increase of attacks all around the world.

Even though worldwide spending on cybersecurity is predicted to reach $1 trillion in 2021 according to Forbes, the game will still be asymmetrical and all companies will keep being hacked regardless of their security budgets. Expensive security doesn’t mean better security. A new approach is needed.

Join us for this talk so we can explore why a collaborative approach to security could contribute to solve the problem and how we could make the Internet safer together.

Are you releasing a tool? – yes