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Don Mallory

Don Mallory has over 30 years of experience in enterprise IT, primarily in critical infrastructure, specializing in operations, data storage, disaster recovery, and security for critical infrastructure. Professionally, Don is a Senior Security Analyst in the healthcare sector. He has been involved in various volunteer activities including C3X as a builder and mentor, co-organizer of Hak4Kidz Toronto and the Latow Photographer's Guild at the Art Gallery of Burlington, where he teaches traditional wet darkroom photography.

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Unconditionally Conditional - Strong Authentication in Azure AD

Conditional Access in Microsoft Azure Active Directory, when tied with Mobile Application Management and Mobile Device Management in Microsoft Intune are the core pillars for building zero trust based access controls in Microsoft 365 and Azure published services. We will cover MDM and MAM policies, how Intune device compliance is applied to Conditional Access by Intune, when deploying authentication and most importantly a tested model for layered access, specifically as it relates to M365 in a variety of trust states.