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Cheryl Biswas

Cheryl Biswas is a Strategic Threat Intel Specialist with a major bank in Canada. She has experience with security audits and assessments, privacy, DRP, project management, vendor management and change management. Cheryl engages in the security community as a conference speaker and volunteer, mentors, and champions women and diversity in Cyber Security as a founding member of the "The Diana Initiative".

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Your pronouns – she/her Which country are you from? – Canada


Lessons from LastPass: Beyond Secure Password Management

LastPass is a popular password manager used from individuals through corporate levels. However, in 2022 it suffered two breaches, and only recently was the extent of the damage made known. An unknown attacker was able to take the literal keys to the kingdom, compromising everything stored in the LastPass vaults. This talk will bring to light why the LastPass events matter to everyone, even those who think they are safe using other password managers or no password managers. There are lessons here about sophisticated staged attacks that bypass defenses in place, and the increasing onus on businesses to manage IAM and BYOD