Hackfest 2023 - Back to the Future

Chris Carlis

Chris Carlis is an unrepentant penetration tester with an extensive background in network, wireless and physical testing. Across his career, Chris has worked to expand the value offensive testing provided via open communication and goal driven engagements. These experiences lead Chris to co-found Dolos Group with a focus on Red/Purple Teaming, security education and training. Additionally, Chris has presented at a variety of conferences, including Thotcon, Hushcon, Hackfest, FS-ISAC, and various B-Side events. He is a perennial volunteer at the Thotcon conference in his native Chicago and helps to organize multiple Chicagoland “BurbSec” information security monthly gatherings.

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Artificial Intelligence / Real Threats

A buzzword for years, Artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved into a powerful, accessible tool and, like any tool, it can be used for evil. How can AI technology be harnessed by adversaries (or you) as part of sophisticated information security attacks? What sort of attacks are we seeing in the wild and how can we prepare for the new offensive techniques?