HF 2022 - Call for Papers

Defrauding merchants like it’s Y2K
2022-10-29, 09:00–09:20, Track 2

In 2022, most of us have bought goods and services online or using mobile apps, for convenience, for safety (e.g., pandemic) or as a matter of personal preference. As mobile payments and integrations with third-party payment processors become more and more prevalent, common AppSec mistakes from the past reappear under new forms. Merchants who overlook security best practices and fail to secure their systems can be victims of fraud.

In this talk, we will cover some examples of payment APIs and mobile in-app purchases (e.g., with Apple Pay or Google Play Store) that fail to perform sufficient validation in ways that may have devastating financial and reputational impact to merchants. We aim to bring awareness to these often-overlooked issues and provide recommendations to avoid these vulnerabilities with real-world examples.

Classic attacks such as parameter and price manipulation have been widely known since the 2000’s, if not before. What we have found from our client engagements and research is that sometimes, given the complexity involved with tokenized third-party payment processing or integrating mobile payment services (e.g., Apple Pay, Google Play Store), applications often overlook basic security best practice and become too trusting – allowing users to use fraudulent payment cards or to commit purchase fraud.

The following is a tentative agenda:
• A look back at history (2 minutes)
• Using third-parties for payment (5 minutes)
• What can go wrong? (5 minutes)
• Examples (5 minutes)
• Remediation guidance (3 minutes)

Are you releasing a tool? – no Was this talk already given? – yes