HF 2022 - Call for Papers

Up Close & Personnel
2022-10-30, 09:00–09:50, Track 1

You work hard to defend against internet based threats but how prepared are you when the attacker is on the literal doorstep? This session will provide a better understanding of the onsite attack surface and some of the more common, practical attack techniques that can result in a difficult to detect network compromise. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the role of Information Security as it pertains to Physical Security and be better equipped to identify gaps in their defenses before they are exploited.

Title/Bio Slides - Indicating the presentation an providing brief professional background

Talk Topic Slide - Discussing the issue presented, listing areas that will be covered, setting framework for the audience.

Perimeters - Discuss the onsite perimeter types and the difference between attacker and defender understanding of perimeters
-Wireless Perimeters
-Physical Perimeters
-Social Engineering Perimeters

Risk - Discuss the attacker's approach to risk in relation to executing onsite attacks.

Attacks - Cover the attacks available against the different perimeters
-Wireless Client
-Wireless Infrastructure
-Other wireless devices
-Bypassing Physical Controls
-Defeating Physical Controls
-In-person Social Engineering

Hybrid Attacks - Leveraging multiple tools and techniques to execute a complete attack.

Remediation - Suggestions, warnings of common pitfalls and a call to action.

Q&A/Exit Slides

Majority of the time is spent on the different attacks, followed by understanding the onsite attacker mindset

Are you releasing a tool? – no Was this talk already given? – yes