HF 2022 - Call for Papers


Charles Hamilton is a Red Teamer, with more than ten years of experience delivering offensive testing services for various government clients and commercial verticals. In recent years, Charles has focused on covert Red Team operations against complex and secured environments. These operations have allowed him to hone his craft at quietly navigating a client's network without detection. Since 2014, he is the founder and operator of the RingZer0 Team website, a platform focused on teaching hacking fundamentals. The RingZer0 community currently has more than 40,000 members worldwide. Charles is also a prolific toolsmith and speaker in the InfoSec industry under the handle of Mr.Un1k0d3r.

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Your twitter or other social network – https://twitter.com/mrun1k0d3r Which country are you from? – Canada


EDR: Efficiently Defeating RedTeamers?

This talk is covering some of the tricks and tools that can be used to successfully perform a red team engagement in a world where the EDR will do everything to stop you.