HF 2021 - Call for Papers

Crypto 101: How Crypto Gets Broken (by you)
2021-11-19, 11:30–15:30, Sponsors - Workshops

This is an introduction to crypto: building blocks, protocols and attacks on them. We cover: encoding vs encryption, hashes, ‘classic’ crypto, stream ciphers, block ciphers, symmetric crypto, asymmetric crypto, has attacks, classic crypto attacks, stream cipher attack, block cipher attack models, ECB attacks, crypto protocols, digital signatures, message authentication code, nonces, simple authentication, challenge response, simple authentication attacks (key collisions, key extraction and extension, replay, valet, bad counter resync), MAC attacks, digital signature attacks, pubkey substitution, challenge response attacks (middleperson attack, UDS style seed-key predictions), WPA2 password cracking, WPA2 key reinstallation, WPA2 key nulling, TLS/SSL middleperson attacks, SWEET32, DROWN, logjam, POODLE, UDS seed-key exchange attacks (reverse key algorithm, lift key algorithm, solve for unknowns, retry-retry-retry, brute force, glitch past).

Tools covered include: rumkin.com, hashcat, john the ripper, binwalk, radare2, binvis.io, Veles, airocrack-ng, mitmproxy, MITMf.

The workshop is a ‘101’ level: geared for people good at computers but maybe no knowledge of cryptography. There will be minimal math (I promise). We’ll talk mostly about how to break bad crypto and bad crypto algorithms with 10-15min hands-on sessions integrated into 4 hours of workshop: Decrypt ‘Crypto’, Break Hashes, Break Crypto, Visualize Crypto.

We will explore three applications of the building blocks and attacks also. Towards the end we tie-in the building blocks and attacks into how the following crypto protocols get broken: WPA2, TLS and UDS Seed-Key exchange (from automotive). Please join us for an intro-level exploration of cryptography building blocks, protocols and how to attack them. And, as always, crypto means cryptography.

Are you releasing a tool? – no Have this talk already be given? – yes