HF 2021 - Call for Papers

The OKRs to driving growth, innovation and engagement
2021-11-20, 14:00–14:50, Sponsors - Workshops

How are CDW Canada, Google and Intel accelerating growth, driving innovation, increasing coworker engagement, and fostering coordination? They are all using OKRs (Objective Key Results); a simple yet effective approach to achieve operating excellence.

Join Darren as he shares how OKRs are driving growth, innovation, and engagement for the Risk Advisory Services team at CDW Canada.

As a follow up to last year’s talk on making a high performance team, Darren will discuss how OKRs can be used to provide focus to any organization’s most important work, foster coordination, unify and strengthen teams and companies. Additionally, OKRs enhance workplace satisfaction, increase performance, and retention.

Darren has spent the past 7 years forming and developing the pentest team for CDW’s Risk Advisory Services practice. He is passionate about Security and ensuring that his team is continually improving and being the best that they can be. In his talk, he will share how OKRs are being used to engage and propel this high performing team to greater heights, as well as how OKRs can be readily used to help any organization or worthwhile venture thrive.

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