HF 2021 - Call for Papers

Daniel Bardenstein

Daniel Bardenstein is just trying to help make the world be even just a little more secure. He is currently as Tech Policy Fellow at the Aspen Institute, focusing on policies to improve cybersecurity across the energy sector and medical devices. At the Defense Digital Service within the Department of Defense, Daniel led efforts including cybersecurity for the COVID-19 vaccines, the Hack the Pentagon bug bounty program, and research into OT/ICS/SCADA security. Before government, he worked in the private sector, where he built tools to make security teams’ lives easier. Daniel also holds certifications as a GCFA (Windows Memory Forensics) and, begrudgingly, a CISSP, as well as a patent on network anomaly detection. When not learning about some new security issue, Daniel tries to unwind by playing drums, hiking with his dog (Bowie), and baking banana bread.

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Ready...Set...Secure all the COVID vaccines!

This talk will provide an inside peak from the U.S.' efforts to secure the research, development, and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, including the tools & methodologies used to rapidly secure the end-to-end vaccine creation, as well as the current state of security of the vaccine supply chain.