HF 2021 - Call for Papers

Maxwell Dulin

Maxwell Dulin (Strikeout) is a security consultant at Security Innovation hacking all things under the sun, from robots to web applications. Maxwell has published many articles for a plethora of heap exploitation techniques, assorted web application hacking exploits, machine learning and IoT device vulnerability hunting. Previously spoken at DEF CON 27s IoT Village and DEF CON workshops. In his free time, he plays with RF toys, hikes to fire lookouts and catches everything at dodgeball.

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House of Heap Exploitation

Heap exploitation is an incredibly powerful tool for a hacker. As exploit mitigations have made exploitation more difficult, modern exploit development has moved to the heap. However, heap exploitation is a subject that has evaded many people for years for one reason: they focus on the techniques instead of the allocator. By learning with an allocator first style, the techniques are easily understood and practical to use.

This workshop is for learning heap exploit development in GLibC Malloc, which is the deallocate allocator on most Linux distros. With this hands-on introduction into GLibC Malloc heap exploitation you will learn how the allocator functions, heap specific vulnerability classes and how to pwn with a variety of techniques. Whether you're an avid CTFer, trying to beat a pwnables challenge or exploiting 0-days, this course is good for adding another tool to the tools arsenal. After taking this course you will understand the GLibC Malloc allocator, be able to discover heap specific vulnerability classes and pwn the heap with a variety of techniques, with the capability to easily learn more.