HF 2021 - Call for Papers

Hrishikesh Somchatwar

Hrishikesh Somchatwar is a Hardware and RF Security Enthusiast. Loves to play with the physical layer. He has been a speaker at various Infosec conferences such as Bsides Delhi 2019,Defcamp Romania 2019. He is the OWASP Nagpur Chapter Leader and is also an active speaker. Apart from security, he has been a Lead Hardware Innovator at National Innovation Foundation and Makers Asylum for Sustainable Development Goals.

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Hacking with Physics

It is undeniable that sensors are the backbone for any IoT, smart devices or Industrial Control Systems and have been playing an important role in the technology world. They play a major role in taking inputs from the surrounding and giving output to the respective systems.
But what if these sensor based systems operate in an unintended manner? What if their inputs inadvertently lead to compromising the system? Also, how often do organizations talk about security in Sensors? In this talk we will discuss various attacks which can be used to hack sensor based systems using Physics. This talk will also discuss some mitigations for such attacks.