Hackfest 2020

Alexandre Beaulieu

Alexandre is a security researcher working for GoSecure. His areas of expertise are reverse engineering, binary exploitation and tool development. His previous experience as a software developer covers a broad spectrum of topics ranging from low-level systems and binary protocols to web applications. Prior to joining the research team, Alexandre spent time as an Ethical Hacker honing his offensive security skills. His areas of interests include binary analysis, compiler theory and systems programming. Alexandre gives back to the Montréal infosec community by volunteering his time, contributing workshops and designing application security challenges for events like MontréHack and REcon.

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XFS: The Protocol behind ATM Jackpotting

10 years ago, Barnaby Jack famously showed the world that ATMs could be jackpotted. Has the ATM security landscape changed since? Is this type of attack still possible? How difficult is it really to perform? As it turns out, all that is required in 2020 to successfully jackpot an ATM is intermediate C programming and physical access to the cabinet, and the C programming part is about to become optional!