Hackfest 2020

Don & Bronwyn Mallory

Don Mallory has over 25 years of experience in enterprise IT, primarily in critical infrastructure, specializing in operations, data storage, disaster recovery and security for critical infrastructure. Professionally, Don is a Senior Security Analyst in the healthcare sector. He is also involved in various volunteer activities including C3X as a builder and mentor, co-organizer of Hak4Kidz Toronto and the Latow Photographer's Guild at the Art Gallery of Burlington, where he teaches traditional wet darkroom photography.

Bronwyn Mallory has over 15 years of experience with parents, teachers, siblings and peers. She is passionate about privacy, security, and dance. Bronwyn has performed artistically at the Hamilton Art Gallery, Hamilton Place and Dusk Dances, and war-walks her neighbourhood when not advising peers about their risky practices online.

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You Shared What? Seriously?!

This is that conversation which needs to happen between a parent and their teenage child about the challenges of growing up in an increasingly connected world. We will discuss many privacy and security related decisions and experiences, and the differing perspectives on each. The reality is we don’t know all we think we know - and neither do our teens. 

This is an opportunity to understand the perspective and impacts of the interplay between a privacy & security-aware parent and teenage daughter as they navigate the competing priorities of parents, schools, peers and teachers in a highly interconnected and data rich world. While news media and the echo chamber might suggest that these things are top of mind, our experience suggests this may not be accurate.