Hackfest 2020

Abhi M Balakrishnan

Abhi M Balakrishnan is a security engineer from Silicon Valley. You must have heard about Abhi’s other free and open-source projects like OWASP Mantra, Matriux, ExploitMe REST, Alert Labs, OWASP Bricks, Snow, Brick Town, TinyBird CTF, and ‘web app security testing with browsers.’

Your twitter or other social network – https://twitter.com/abhimbala Which country are you from? – USA


Introducing OWASP TimeGap Theory

Race conditions in web applications. They are hard to find and more challenging to exploit. OWASP TimeGap Theory is a free and open-source CTF for learning how-to-find and how-to-exploit race conditions.

You will get tools, tips, and tricks to find and exploit TOCTOU issues.