Hackfest 2020

Harshit Agrawal

Harshit Agrawal (@harshitnic) is currently working as a Radio and Telecom Security Researcher. He is enthusiastic about Signal Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, and Telecom Security. He presented his research paper at International conferences like RSAC USA, HITB Cyberweek, ICS Security Singapore, Hack In Paris, HITB Amsterdam, Securityfest Sweden, Nanosec Malaysia, CISO Platform Virtual Summit, Sacon Conference Bangalore, and DakotaCon USA. Previously he was President of the CSI Chapter and Vice President for Entrepreneurship cell at MIT, where he also headed the team of security enthusiasts which gave him a good insight into cyber-security and increased his thirst to explore more in this field. He is a Programmer, Researcher, and Believer! He believes in providing something out of the box!

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Workshop on Radio Frequency Signals Security

The session will introduce audiences to the world of RF analysis, As we introduce each new attack, we will draw parallels to similar wired exploits, and highlight attack primitives that are unique to RF. During the session, we'll walk through wireless sniffing, spoofing, cloning, replay, and DoS attacks. These offensive exercises will give one brief idea of how to analyze the devices' security, and the best practice guidelines will help to design them properly.