Hackfest 2020

Dmitriy Beryoza

Dmitriy is a Senior Security Researcher at Vectra AI. He spent over 25 years of his life building software before realizing that breaking it is much more fun.

Dmitriy is passionate about all things security, with particular interest in reverse engineering, binary exploitation, secure software development, cloud and network threat detection, and CTF competitions.

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Your twitter or other social network – https://www.linkedin.com/in/beryozad/ Which country are you from? – Canada


All Software is Open Source: An Introduction to RE

Commercial software is full of dark secrets - embedded keys and passwords, hidden backdoors, security vulnerabilities... But with companies guarding proprietary source code, is there any hope of discovering and rectifying them?

Enter Reverse Engineering. With its powerful tools and techniques, you can analyze any closed-source software, and have fun doing it!