Hackfest 2020

Enrico Branca

Enrico Branca is an experienced researcher with specialist knowledge in Cyber security. He has been working in information security for over a decade with experience in software security, information security management, and cyber security R&D. He has been trained and worked in various roles during his career, including Senior Security Engineer, Security Architect, Disaster Recovery Specialist, Microsoft Security Specialist and others, and his current role as Independent Researcher in Cyber Intelligence.

Your twitter or other social network – none Which country are you from? – Saskatoon, Canada


Chatty documents: OSINT data from document mapping

How difficult it is to acquire actionable intelligence if no active technique could be used? Our preliminary research aimed at finding relevant elements in the supply network of an entity, resulted in the discovery of hundreds of weak links and dozens of possible entry point. We found our technique to have a much smaller footprint compared to normal methods, and the use of passive techniques coupled with data correlation models to significantly reduce the time of analysis and increase the quality of gathered intelligence.