Hackfest 2020

Jamie Sanbower

Jamie Sanbower, is a Global Principal Security Architect @ Cisco. Jamie is currently a technical leader and member of numerous advisory and working groups focused on Zero Trust, Secure Access Services Edge(SASE) and multidomain security architectures. He has been with Cisco since 2010 and has developed, designed, implemented and operated enterprise network and security solutions for a wide variety of large clients. Jamie is a distinguished speaker and is the author of many technical publications, including Integrated Security Technologies and Solutions Volume I and II. Jamie hold various industry certifications, including CCIE #13637 in Security, Enterprise Infrastructure, and Enterprise Wireless. Prior to Cisco, Jamie had various roles including: director of the cyber security practice, senior security consultant and senior network engineer.

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Demystifying Zero Trust Architecture

The buzz is there… Zero Trust, Gartner’s CARTA, Forrester’s Zero Trust Extended, Vendor X’s magical zero trust unicorn, etc; but what does any of this really mean to the security practitioner? In this session, I will provide clarity to all this noise, and discuss how a pure Zero Trust model was always intended to be, why and how that model provides for efficient security; the way it changes the paradigm of the problem we face securing our data and our workforce, and how ZT is completely complimentary to a threat-centric approach to security that we have been following for many years. Many approaches to ZT are focused only on situations where a user can interactively authenticate. However, ZT does not end with just strong authentication of users. Machine-to-machine connections have grown to nearly 50% of all connections, and many ZT architectures can often ignore these headless devices and workloads.